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Artist Works
Category: Checkered
Condition: On sale
Biography: I was born the 24 of May of the 1964 in Huescar Granada, they gave me the name of Manuel Fernandez Rivera (manolo F.) they took me with 1 year to Germany, where as a child I was always painting with a pencil or charcoal, I grew up learning 3 languages, my first interest and the one that impelled me to painting was when I saw the works of Alberto Durero, throughout these years I experimented with several techniques and at 25 I had the courage to do my first exhibition at Führt Germany, given that I took it for granted. I studied food engineering in Munich (Germany), I did not have the time to
I devoted myself entirely to art, painting paintings only for friends and acquaintances.
I finished my studies with 33 years and a multinational gave me the responsibility of setting up factories all over the World, China, Thailand, Germany, Spain, Brazil that I took advantage of to learn other styles and ways of painting (ways of seeing art). all this enriched me mentally and subtly,
I am currently living in Spain Cehegin (Murcia) decdicado to the passion of my life is to create art and share them with others.
English speaker: Si
Participation Date: March 28 2018