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Condition: On sale
Biography: dr mouse
Audiovisual Producer, Dj, VJ, Cultural Manager and Event Promoter in Quito, Ecuador.
I play with the frequencies of DrumAndBass, Breakcore, and with #MusicaFuerteMenteFuerte since 2011

I love Audiovisual, my intention is to free ourselves from everyday life, open portals on the dance floor, generate happiness and find ourselves with mystery ...
I mix music, I make beats, I unite with everything and connect to take you to katarsis, I find magic in music ...
I see order in chaos, I take you on an interdimensional journey, outside the linear ...
Welcome to my real world, let's travel.
I am an Audiovisual Production Specialized in Three-Dimensional Digital Animation, Laripse la Artne: it is my studio where all the magic that you can find on this channel happens.
English speaker: No
Participation Date: March 16 2021