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Artist Works
First quarter
Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Biography: Artistic trajectory
Self-taught painter

Originally from the town of Bera (Navarra), where I began my pictorial activity making portraits to charcoal like other painters of my generation.
The oil is the technique I use most in time to take each of my new work, in another alternate pictorial section oil sands, and resins, with this combination I get new textures of great beauty and excellent combination in relief, tones, lights and shadows.

Exhibitions in galleries progressively reached the early 80 either individually or collectively, have made more than 50 samples in various places like Madrid, San Sebastian, Palencia, Zumarraga, Tolosa, Hondarribia, Irun, Burgos, Cambrills, Pamplona , Biarritz, San Juan de Luz, Bourdeaux, or Pau, among other cities, plus several art fairs in Italy, Belgium, or Spain A mid 90 arrived contests.
Being very young I studied design at the School Sutoria Arts of Milan, a profession that I never got to practice as a designer, because I alternated my passion for painting with my work as a commercial agent.

I own work in private collections and public bodies.
Website: http://www.rudyarte.com
Participation Date: November 22 2016