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The bird man
Condition: On display
Biography: I'm Supreme Goonz, an artist and digital creator from Barcelona. I am inspired by great art icons such as Keith Haring, Jean Michel Basquiat, Magritte and Warhol. My work is a mix of the traditional with the contemporary, where technology and creativity merge to create high-quality digital works.

My passion for experimentation and exploration in the creation of art is reflected in each of my works. I love creating digital compositions of great beauty and depth that go beyond the limits of the conventional and the ordinary. My works are a combination of organic and geometric elements that flow and blend in harmony, creating a sense of movement and vitality.

Each work I create is a showcase of my refined technique and meticulous attention to detail. I like to capture viewers' attention with my unique and captivating style, transporting them to imaginary and exciting worlds. My goal is to create works of art that inspire others to explore their own creativity and make them see the world in a different way.

In short, my work as a digital artist and creator is a manifestation of my passion for art and my ability to use technology. I take pride in being able to create works of art that reflect my vision of the world and that are a source of inspiration to others."

My artistic style is a fusion of urban and cultural elements that surround me in my day to day. I like to experiment with different techniques and materials to create works that have a visual and emotional impact. I am especially interested in the inclusion of social and political messages in my works, using art as a tool to raise awareness in society about important issues.

My training in art and graphic design has allowed me to develop technical and creative skills that allow me to take my work to a higher level. I use advanced digital tools to create complex compositions that are impossible to achieve with traditional media. Through my art, I seek to express my own personality and life experiences, creating works that are an extension of my own identity.

As an artist and digital creator, I have participated in several exhibitions and art events in Barcelona and other European cities. I have received recognition for my work on several occasions, which motivates me to continue exploring new horizons in the creation of art. For me, art is a way of life, a way to express myself and connect with the world around me.
English speaker: Si
Participation Date: 20 May 2023