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Artist Works
Two worlds
Category: Painting
Condition: On sale
Biography: June 2006th, 2015
Several Exhibitions-Sale in recognized Galleries of Miami, USA.

Expo-Venta in HAVANA 305 (Miami) Little Havana.

Annual award "A Life for Dance" - "A Life for Dance" delivered to the legendary dancer, choreographer and famous businessman born in Hungary, Mr. Paul Szilard ... X International Annual Ballet Festival of Miami. Jackie Gleason Theater of Miami Beach.

Creation and delivery of the "Random Dance II" Sculpture of the "A Life for Dance" Award to the famous North American dancer and choreographer Edward Villella who is also the Artistic Director and Founder of the world-renowned and admired Miami City Ballet ... IX International Annual Festival of Miami Ballet. Jackie Gleason Theater of Miami Beach.

Donation of a painting titled "Angel" auctioned in the Bongos Cuban Café of the marriage Estefan, in favor of the AIDS patients in the USA.

First meeting with Mr. Gustavo González Villaseñor (Mayor of Puerto Vallarta ~ Mexico) with the objective of creating an annual event of Plastic Arts with prestigious artists of this City of Miami.

Exhibition / sale. Art Gallery "River Gauche" of Coconut Grove.

Exhibition / sale. Offices of Miami Mayor Manny Díaz. Miami City Hall in Coconut Grove.

Creation of two Sculptures "Random Dance II" for the "A Life for Dance" Award that was presented to the very first dancers Ekaterina Maximova and Vladimir Vassiliev of the world-renowned school of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, Russia ... Eighth International Festival of Miami Ballet at the Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami Beach.

Exhibition / sale. (Personal) Lobby of the Jackie Gleason Theater during the Galas of the VIII Annual International Ballet Festival of Miami.

Exhibition / sale. Art Gallery "Art Lovers International" of Coral Gables, Miami.

Creation of the Sculpture "Random Dance II" for the "A Life for Dance" Award given to the legendary and renowned French dancer and choreographer Jean Babilée ... VII Annual International Ballet Festival of Miami at the Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami Beach.

Exhibition / sale. Coral Gables "Potrony & Caprali" Art Gallery.

Auction at the "Big Five Club" of Miami in favor of the Corpus Christy Parish of Miami.

The Sculpture "Random Dance II" (in Bronze) is selected as the Artwork to be presented as a recognition prize to the artistic trajectories of the indisputable stars of the World Dance, within the framework of the Annual International Ballet Festival of Miami.
General Artistic Director: Mr. Pedro Pablo Peña.
Prize: A Life for Dance.- Miami Hispanic Ballet and American Airlines.
Exhibition / sale. Arts Gallery "Palm Beach Collector" in DCOTA. Design Center of the Americas in Dania Beach, Miami.

Exhibition / sale. Art Gallery "Pro Arte Moderno" of Miami.

Exhibition / sale. Mario Grimaldi International ... Show Room by Oliver Caballero Collections. Los Angeles California.

Creation of the sculpture (in craquelure ceramic) "A Life for Dance" - "A Life for the Dance" that was given to the excellent and renowned Italian dancer Carla Fracci.
6th Annual Miami International Ballet Festival at the Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami Beach.

2000 USA
Exhibition / sale. Re-opening after remodeling the historic "Tower" Theater on Eight Street in the "La Habana Habana" neighborhood, Miami.

1995 ~ 1999 ~ Spain ~ (Barcelona)
Exhibitions / sales at the Galleries "Gracia", the "Marc Sabata" (with the 111 Group) and the famous "Elite Art" of Tibidabo, Corserola.

Collective exhibition (Censured) in UNEAC
Headquarters of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba. Vedado, City of Havana.

Television and Video.
Assistant of Artistic Director of Video-Clip of the 40 Anniversary of Hotel Comodoro de Miramar, City of Havana.
Director-General: Mr. José Riera ~ ICAIC.
Musical Composer: Mtro. Daniel Longres ~ ICAIC.

1991 ~ Cuba
Television and Video.
Assistant Director-General of the Documentary "Nosotros Cubanos" Co-produced between the Ateliers de Productions C of Paris, France and VideoAmérica, SA of Cubanacán-Habana.
General Manager: Mr. Alain Jean Cazenave of TF-1 Television of Paris, France.

• Collectors of Havana City, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​San Sebastian, Bilbao, Santander, Toledo, Malaga, La Mancha, Geneva, Rome, Torino, Paris, Brussels, Stockholm, Moscow, Sofia, Miami, Miami Beach, Panama City, Hialeah, Davie, Orlando, Pembroke Pines, Deltona, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Sydney, Quito, Bogota, Caracas and others, have original works created by me.

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Participation Date: Feb 07 2017