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Under my skin
Category: Checkered
Condition: On sale
Biography: I undress in each of my works, memories, traumas, fears, and I even share how dirty it is to be deteriorated by a society and a world that has already lost.
Perhaps unable to accept my reality these have more color than they should ... so sad reality I am unable to paint. I am like someone who smiles in the midst of chaos and despair.
I live more in my fantasies with fear of waking up and seeing such a miserable existence again ...
Sometimes I pick up the brush wishing I could paint my destiny with it ...
ohh poor sleepwalker !! but they don't know how my soul dances when I can materialize my fantasies and connect in some way with this world.
I preferred to tell you this ♧
Thanks for reading.
English speaker: Si
Participation Date: March 25 2021