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Artist Works
WalkingByThe Stars
Category: Sculptures
Condition: On sale
Biography: Creative, tireless, dynamic, restless and above all positive apprentice; I have always had with metals a complicity of sensations that impelled me to give them shapes and colors that would give me visual joy and inner exaltation.
I have no training
Walking by the stars is my first collection of sculptures, created in a self-taught way. A series of 12 iron pieces.
I have no training in the world related to artistic creation, so this first collection is a whole experience of self-learning, experimentation with materials and with ideas and above all a challenge that had to remove the fear of creating and above all that to reaffirm a thought that had: that the art is not elitist; We are all creative, we all have ideas and we can create them and create that reality that is dancing in our minds.
This is how this first collection that sees the light was born, "Walking through the stars" is a collection of 12 iron sculpture pieces, in small and medium format painted in bright colors, decorated with different motivating messages, in different languages ​​and dedicated to Santiago's road.
We are all creative, everything is in our mind. We have to dare to give volume and shape to our ideas.
English speaker: Si
Website: http://https://caminandoporlasestrellas.wordpress.com
Participation Date: November 06 2017