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Wax paintings

Wax is original paintings in various styles and subjects. Buy pictures Cera, unique pieces by talented artists of today. Purchase directly to independent artists from around the world.
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Rural landscape
Gorka Lagoma Andres
€ 500 EUR
I show the flora that can be seen in this beautiful landscape
Gorka Lagoma Andres
€ 350 EUR
In a way you see Dragons and turning a squid
Gorka Lagoma Andres
€ 350 EUR
The Fury Of The Sea
Wave Breaking against small breakwater of the Biscayan coast located between Deba and Mutriku, after passing the beach of hondarbeltz
Gorka Lagoma Andres
€ 350 EUR
Box made of corrugated cardboard support wax and ink.
Raul Sanchez Rodriguez
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Medusa at sea
Worship Climent
€ 480 EUR
7 results - showing 1 - 7