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Oil on panel, expressionist, figurative
SILVIA Garcia Oliver
€ 160 EUR
10 original part of the works that make up the project Fin da Terra Costa da Morte, exhibited at the Faro de Fisterra (Galicia) during the summer of 2015 and ...
€ 770 EUR
"The Wave of Bastiagueiro"
Title: "The Wave of Bastiagueiro" Summary: "The Wave of Bastiagueiro" is a bold reinterpretation of Hokusai's "The Great Wave off Kanagawa", fusing the...
carl vanhyden
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Mother, what a fierce sword pierced your chest
Triptych, oil on canvas and gilt.
Jairo gerena gomez
€ 900 EUR
have a hard time to explain my art, I always prefer the people to have their own understanding; Doing mainly figurative painting, I am confident that my works can...
Orion Steele
€ 100 EUR
The drawing represents a circuit of how one thing becomes another.
Liliana Ignatova
€ 590 EUR
Nobody sinks the boat for me
23cm x 23cm with Frame. watercolor and graphite,
Mineudys Albornett
€ 80 EUR
africa pays
oil painting
Jose Luis Ruiz Pizarro
€ 300 EUR
the Salvation
They are the hands that help me live, during the sinking of the ARA General Belgrano Cruise during the Falklands War
santiago belozo rocha
€ 1500 EUR
Dear Mother, I Died
It is death walking with a girl.
Kenya Lacruz Alvarez
€ 190 EUR
UNIVERSE, THE YOUNG ORIGIN 'Artnabel (2015 - 2021) 38x55x5cm Mixed technique
Anabel Najar Colom
€ 250 EUR
Oil on linen • Year 2010 Author: Víctor Ayala • Mexican painter, sculptor and architect.
Victor Gabriel Ayala Rodriguez
€ 750 EUR
Rosa Alcubilla Abad
€ 150 EUR
Oil replic of Guernica (Pablo Picasso) Oil replica of Gernika 100x40
Hand painted / Hand Painted Full detail replica of Pablo Picasso's famous painting, Guernica, painted by server with high quality oil on ...
Igor Aranaz Pastor
€ 300 EUR
A subjective work, also with the intention that the viewer is free to let themselves be carried away by their emotional intuition, leaving the meaning that each one ...
Merciless jay
€ 100 EUR
He drowned
immersing myself
Juano frias
€ 500 EUR
burial in Tánxer.jpg
Burial in Tangier
Suso Chamorro
"Who consumes you"
The end of life and the sadness and joy that it occupies, comes to the end, to all humans in common.
Ruben Vazquez
€ 380 EUR
covid pandemic 19 2020
2020 pandemic project
victor araujo boy
€ 180 EUR
Life Cycles.jpg
Acrylic on canvas. Images of life and death.
Natalie Duque Carvajal
€ 3000 EUR
Projection is a defense mechanism by which the subject attributes to others their own virtues or defects, including their shortcomings.
Tommy diaz cuvi
€ 50 EUR
The Joy of Life
It is a painting painted by the artist Maksymilian Wnek Mroczek better known as SenioroPotato. Its characteristics are: Support: Sanded wooden board with dimensions ...
Maksymilian Mroczek Wnek
€ 250 EUR
Title: Jessica 91 x 61 cm Acrylic on panel November 2017 Certified delivery to Spain: 12 € Shipping worldwide: 25 €
Santiago Blas
€ 450 EUR
With the final goodbye there is hope and memory
Piece of the series 'Duel'.
Paula Diaz Marcos
€ 250 EUR
Justice. Tarot.jpg
Justice. Series of figures of the major arcana of the Tarot Ink on laid paper. DIN size a4.
Santiago Blas
The magician. Tarot.jpg
The magician. Series of figures of the major arcana of the Tarot Ink on laid paper. DIN size a4.
Santiago Blas
IMG_20190620_145441 ~ 2.jpg
Keeping calm and succumbing at the same time is something that happens to all of us at least once in a lifetime and I am dealing with my work ...
Harold Pincay Estupiñán
€ 65 EUR
11Crux Acrylic paint Signed 35cm by 30cm.
11 Crux
€ 115 EUR
Support: sheet metal 0,6 mm. Pictorial layer: Watercolor and pigment with acid medium. Protection: Varnish of pictures.
€ 650 EUR
IMG_3478 (2) .JPG
Support: sheet metal 0,6 mm. Pictorial layer: Watercolor and pigment with acid medium. Protection: Varnish of pictures
€ 650 EUR
The poor
It is a work in which a skull with a crown is represented. This crown indicates the wealth that the owner of the skull had in his life, but ...
Laura Fernandez G
€ 100 EUR
Without a morning ...
An original work with a hard but real theme. Sometimes tomorrow will never come ...
Andres Ramz Gomz
On display
Rozar the crosses.
This work reveals the faces of frustration.
Sebastian Fuentes Velez
€ 52 EUR
You know that I too
Month is an obligation to be kind to art and to do so, be nice to people who taste and can choose to buy some artistic piece, thank you that ...
Lloy Alexander Moreno Culque
€ 300 EUR
The Angel
Oil in Canvas 100x100. Frame included in the price.
Nikola Gulev
€ 950 EUR
€ 449 EUR
Horizons event
Recreation of a dream
Abraham fernandez sanchez
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tropic dead
Oil on canvas (100x81 cm). For more information contact: nerfm.art@gmail.com
Nerea Fernandez Moreno
€ 300 EUR
Types of affection
symbolic version of small detail of musical hell, Hieronymus Bosch.
Barbara Caceres Chomalí
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Violent reproductive chain / chain reproductive Violenta
ARTIST AWARD manisero / BIENNIAL OF PAINTING VALENCIA / MANISES 2012. Inspired by the spiral theory of Italian mathematician Fibonacci (c 1170 -. 1250) Theory which ...
Yoel Mejia Villanueva
On display
Cornered in the Skinner box / Cornered in the Skinner box.
Cornered in the Skinner box / Cornered in the Skinner box Exhibited at the Biennale of painting Manises / Valencia 2014 Personal collection to ...
Yoel Mejia Villanueva
€ 400 EUR
Subconscious continuity
Talk about death and ghosts we carry every moment of sleep
Edwin Moro
€ 1500 EUR
My name is Paco
My name is Paco plasma recent raw reality of the city of Rosario, where too many child slaves of this powerful drug, where drug traffickers sell them smoke prurient interests ...
Ignazio Bitti
€ 450 EUR
The Forgotten
The Forgotten formosa shows the harsh reality of one of the most neglected provinces of Argentina, where child malnutrition is a structural problem of rural society. The...
Ignazio Bitti
€ 450 EUR
An attempt to represent the aesthetic of bullfighting.
Edgar Franco Velezmoro De Peralta
€ 1400 EUR
They will be sent when this entry
Piedad Ramos Falla
€ 80 EUR
Horse Skull
Study skull, acrylic on canvas
Salvador Ortega
€ 160 EUR
crime story
"Infamous" detective story inspired by the picture, we can see the scene of the crime in this case the killing of one person and beside the murderer ...
Javier Sánchez
€ 180 EUR
56 results - showing 1 - 50  
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