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And the Sea, gave her a dress.
Expresionismo figure nude oil on panel.
Cesar G. Rivarola
€ 1900 EUR
Goddess of the Abyss
Oil on canvas
On display
Naked years 30
The relaxation of the model and naturally transmitted to the viewer calm. The blue fabrics in which is lying allude to the waters of the sea.
€ 680 EUR
The Rest
Mulher deitada
Contact artist
Personal interpretation and dreamlike vision of Melpomene.
Javier González Campos
€ 3800 EUR
On a tablecloth
Oil painting on wooden surface
Sandra Wright
€ 3000 EUR
La Maja Asleep
Pastel on pastel paper (Canson Month Teintes). Framed in glass
Sandra Wright
€ 350 EUR
Naked Andromeda
Oil painting of 51 40 x cm in canvas panel utensils. The painting is framed.
Sandra Wright
€ 2000 EUR
Seated Woman
Female figure sitting waiting, wrapped in a range of colors. Made with chalk and pastel on board
Sandra Rabotnicoff
€ 60 EUR
I Variete
Oil canvas 40x50
Sandra Rabotnicoff
Nude in oil 40x50
Sandra Rabotnicoff
€ 100 EUR
Oil, canvas and frame, soft colors copy drawing.
Jami Art
€ 70 EUR
Watercolor on paper Model sitting on a bucket with a makeshift toga. Murcia, 2014. Laura G.
Laura Gomez
Watercolor on paper. Model nude sitting, waiting. Murcia, 2014. Laura G.
Laura Gomez
On the floor II
Watercolor on paper. Model sitting naked on the floor. Murcia, 2014. Laura G.
Laura Gomez
€ 20 EUR
Watercolor on paper. Naked model reading. Murcia, 2014. Laura G.
Laura Gomez
€ 20 EUR
On the floor
Watercolor on paper. Model sitting naked on the floor. Murcia, 2014. Laura G.
Laura Gomez
€ 15 EUR
Watercolor on paper Model naked from behind. Murcia, 2014 Laura G.
Laura Gomez
70x60 tempera on board. Model nude sitting, thinking.
Laura Gomez
€ 75 EUR
Model sitting
Natural painting a nude model sitting. Acrylic on canvas 100x80 Murcia, 2014 Laura G.
Laura Gomez
€ 85 EUR
Mexico Cuernavaca work painted in the year 2003
alberto texier
€ 25000 EUR
Klimtspiration IV
High quality paper Watercolor Arches 300 g / m2 100% cotton Size 31x41 cm
Maria Carmen Alvarez Vergara
€ 150 EUR
Original artwork by renowned artist in Argentina living in Madrid, see.
€ 16000 EUR
Female nude watercolor
Watercolor on highly textured paper, made by Mairat, Madrid, Spain, requires special packaging, which will increase the value of the work, along with the cost of transport ...
Arroyo Juan Salom
€ 6000 EUR
Original Mexican muralist artist Daniel Ponce Montuy, the picture belongs to a sequential work called "Eve in Paradise," this work the artist made some more ...
Jonathan moon
Contact artist
The bathroom
Original work, acrylic on board.
Cipriano Rubio
€ 900 EUR
Blue Nude
Fired enamel on metal. FRAMED MEASURES: 39 30 high x wide. Unframed: 16 12 high x width
SERRA vura
€ 600 EUR
Nude with black cat
Painting with frame included.
€ 65 EUR
bare back
Naked painted in acrylic mixed media and gold leaf,
Cesar Richard Pesce Techera
€ 240 EUR
Liquid watercolor on paper.
Anxo GR
€ 85 EUR
Male nude watercolor
Study of male nude in watercolor. Works with simplified stain with black line rotulador.Ideales as a series or as separate works. Highly recommended especially if you ...
The shower
Frame width
€ 400 EUR
Naked College of Fine Arts
Naked natural at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Madrid
Gonzalo de Linos
€ 200 EUR
Naked on black background
Mariam Lamrani Good
€ 200 EUR
Agua Verde
Dancing naked on green background water
Mariam Lamrani Good
€ 190 EUR
wild spirit. Shiva enlightment.jpg
Naked is a dreamlike natural shades work with Pop Art, through the classic psychedelia of 60 years.
€ 200 EUR
The photographic language in the frame of each moment, shows obvious but inconclusive events. There is always something we can not see, whose access is forbidden us, and we ended ...
€ 300 EUR
pygmy 2008.JPG
Pygmy hugging her son with nothing.
€ 600 EUR
Sketches from life
Sketches from life.
Contact artist
Among seams
Employers people built sculpted bodies ...
€ 350 EUR
Oil on canvas
Daniel Rebollo Cebrián
€ 260 EUR
PB100308 [1] .JPG
Work inspired by the Valencian artist Joaquin Sorolla Bastida.
Roberto Ortega Farrús
€ 300 EUR
Work in mixed media (acrylic and pencil black) finish with fixative varnish
€ 180 EUR
20x30 three tables set with mixed technique (charcoal and acrylic) finish with fixative varnish
€ 80 EUR
Woman back
Acrylic on canvas work. Finished with fixative varnish
€ 50 EUR
Enereticamnete beneficial to the harmony of the couple (protection)
Queen Cristina Hurtado
Contact artist
brown back
Oil on canvas framed with natural wood frame
Sabarís standard piñeiro
€ 571 EUR
248 results - showing 201 - 248
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